Spring Canyon Alpacas

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2016 Lavender in FULL Bloom

At Spring Canyon Alpacas we have 1200 lavender plants and they are all coming into bloom two weeks early! Yikes what to do? What to do? We have had lavender wreath classes which is always fun! This year we held one class in the hay barn due to the weather being cool that class day. In past years we have hung bunches to dry for the buds (lots of work to get off the stem when dried). This year we have purchased a small distilling unit to extract the essential oil. Stay tuned for the result of this endever!

We shear our 40 alpacas and this is a season for us rather than an event. We have just completed this work and now on to the skirting and sorting. Mary Jo learned how to grade fleece last year and now we are better prepared to put use to the fiber.

If you are close come for a visit we love having folks visit the farm. Please call ahead of time as we are not always here and we don't want to miss you. Come visit the largest dam in the USA, Grand Coulee Dam and enjoy an evening watching the largest outdoor lazer light show across the face of the dam.